Below is a list of CarbonCounted Consulting Partners.

In addition to their other services, CarbonCounted Consulting Partners are environmental consultants that implement carbon footprint methodologies and verify the GHG inventories and product carbon footprints in CarbonConnect.

If you are an environmental consultant interested in becoming a CarbonCounted Consulting Partner, or a business with a preferred environmental consultant partner, please see Information for Consultants.

Intertek is a leading provider of quality and safety solutions serving a wide range of industries around the world. From auditing and inspection, to testing, quality assurance and certification, Intertek people are dedicated to adding value to customers’ products and processes, supporting their success in the global marketplace.

Located in over 100 countries, Intertek provides services in the environmental field including carbon inventory analysis and the testing of Energy Star appliances, high efficiency LED lighting, and smart grid applications.


Paula Peng

+86 21 61278565

Tim Su

+86 21 61278518

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Beausoleil Sustainability Solutions is an environmental business consulting services compay – sustainability strategy, implementation, monitoring and promotion. Services are offered across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Southern Ontario, Canada.


James Watson

(647) 504-9377

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The Delphi Group is a Canadian strategic consultancy and solution provider specializing in climate change and corporate sustainability. Since 1988, we have worked with more than 200 clients and have provided services to virtually every sector in the economy.

Our corporate clients range from SME’s to some of Canada’s largest corporations and in our recent years we have complete projects for 26 of Canada’s 100 largest corporations. Our public sector clients are from all levels of government including ministries, government departments and intergovernmental agencies.

We have completed more than 500 sustainability and climate change projects for clients in Canada and around the globe. No other company in Canada has been providing sustainability and climate change services for as long as we have.

As a pioneer in this field, our expertise, thought leadership and core competencies in technical services, policy analysis and management consultancy separate us from the crowd. We deliver innovative, valued, and trusted solutions more effectively than anyone else in this field.


Stephan Wehr

Vice President, The Delphi Group

(613) 562-2005 x232

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Green Sight Consulting works to facilitate the development and evoution of businesses and others into a more sustainable paradigm. We are dedicated to creating a world in which sustainability is a practical and achievable goal for everyone, regardless of size, budget, or background. Instead of offering pre-packaged solutions, we work directly with our clients to determine their unique circumstances, and then cater to these individualized needs and situations. Time and again we are seeing that sustainability and business do not need to be mutually exclusive.

Contact Green Sight Consulting

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GO-GREEN CONSULTING is a South African consultancy, comprised of Associates and Certified Green Consultants , focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, hi-tech eco-solutions and Green Business Certification.   Go-Green’s overarching aim is that of reducing South Africa’s Carbon Footprint.

For more information about please contact:

Greg  Seymour
Southbroom, South Africa

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Loop Initiatives is a management consulting company specializing in sustainability and customized “green business” strategy design and implementation.

Loop has significant experience in developing complex GHG inventories for organizations and products. They are the only Canadian Consultancy certified by the Carbon Trust as a delivery partner for Carbon Product Footprinting.

Loop’s diverse experience – in business strategy, organizational change, engineering and marketing – allows them to deliver results that are measurable and compelling.


Francisca Quinn
Phone: 416 644 0625

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The Sustainability Solutions Group is an innovative Canadian worker co-operative. SSG nurtures and embodies a holistic understanding of sustainability to help clients and collaborators meaningfully integrate socially, ecologically and economically responsible and progressive practices in their organizations and work.


Dale Hildebrand
215 Spadina Ave, Suite 160
Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

Phone: 647 881 4369

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Forte Ventures provides a variety of strategic consulting and hands-on operational management services to technology companies. Forte is the consulting practice owned and operated by Paul Lupinacci, whose proven experience in building organizations from start-up to exit has helped numerous clients. Our success is due to our pragmatic approach that allows us to quickly add value to companies at all stages of development.


Paul Lupinacci

Phone: 416-567-3239

Fax: 905-854-4023


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Ethos is a highly professional company supplying services in the fields of
planning, environmental consulting and management for governmental
ministries and authorities, industrial plants and companies, public & private
organizations, entrepreneurs and planning offices.
The company specializes in the fields of environment, national and international
regulation, preparation of master plans of all levels (national, regional and local),
Architecture and Urban Design, management of planning and other issues
derived from the fields mentioned above.

For more information contact:

Dov Basel

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Carbon Labelling Australia specialises in assisting Australian organisations wishing to have a product carbon footprint label on their products using the CarbonCounted method. We can calculate a carbon footprint or verify the information entered into the database.

For more information contact

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The Limousine Environmental Action Partnership (LEAP) provides large, small, and independent ground transportation companies and other fleet managers with real, common sense solutions to emissions reductions that are both financially sound and substantially better for the environment. LEAP provides a strategy that smoothes the bumps in the road towards the smarter, more efficient technologies that transportation professionals will inevitably have to embrace over time.

For more information contact:

4 Sycamore Dr

Newtown, CT 06470

203 304 1650

877 808 5327

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Our mission at BuyGreen is to become your most trusted source for green products, offering the widest variety of quality products, the best information for consumers, and the most enjoyable shopping experience.

We believe that the power to make change rests with the individual consumer.  The products you buy every day make a difference.  Eco-friendly products are healthier for you and better for the planet.  In addition, when a large group of consumers choose to “buy green”, the market will respond with greater variety, more innovation and lower prices for green products and services.

Green Retail and Wholesale, LLC
A Member Company of Renovos Global Group
14 Goodyear, Suite 135
Irvine, CA 92618-3759
TF: 888.928.9473 x812
FX: 949.281.6241
CP: 714.227.9213

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Weir started life as ProActive Logistics, offering operational supply chain consultancy to major brands across a wide range of industry sectors.

Our passion for excellence led us to realise that fundamental changes in supply chain practice were needed to respond to growing environmental and social pressures. Weir now works with global businesses to apply Sustainability thinking across the Total Supply Chain, turning this awareness into opportunities for reducing costs, minimising risk, and establishing competitive advantage.

Weir totalsupply chain Sustainability
+44(0)7870 315362
+44(0)8454 50 40 21
71 Castle Street, Farnham GU9 7LR, United Kingdom

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PerpetualGreen™ designs and engineers intelligent energy efficiency systems for use in residential and commercial properties. These products provide owners with the ability to reduce their power consumption by 30%, savings owners hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their power bills every year.

10897 S. River Front Parkway
Suite 300 Salt Lake City, Utah 84095

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Measure Manage Report

HRCarbon offers Enterprise Carbon Management consulting services.

We specialize in:

  • Developing the environmental component of the CSR Report;
  • Developing a detailed Emissions Management Report;
  • Conducting Emissions Inventories;
  • Providing Climate Change Tertiary Education.

HRCarbon methodology and services conform to international standards such as the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064.

For additional information, contact us at: or 416.628.4196

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Northmore Gordon is a consulting firm that provides climate change management advisory services, from policy and strategy right through to technical engineering solutions.
We specialise in:

  • Sustainable energy technology
  • Energy efficiency and energy management
  • Greenhouse gas management and emissions trading

Enquiries :

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Kuzuka provides a range of carbon management advisory services to help businesses and organizations position themselves for the evolving low carbon economy. Our services cover the full spectrum of corporate carbon management, including:

  • Greenhouse gas inventories / carbon footprint assessments,
  • carbon footprint reduction planning,
  • carbon credit feasibility studies,
  • expertise in carbon markets, carbon offsets, and greenhouse gas legislation,
  • use of geospatial tools (remote sensing, GIS) for carbon-oriented land use analyses

Stephen Boles
38 John Street East, Box 337
Exeter, Ontario, Canada N0M 1S6
Phone: (519) 235-6250

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McG and Associates Ltd
Greenhouse Gas – Measurement, Reduction, Mitigation
Carbon labelling, reporting and market development planning
enquiries to
PO Box 19042, Christchurch 8241, NZ

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CarbonZero helps businesses, governments, organizations and individuals manage and neutralize their greenhouse gas emissions.

Contact us and we’ll help you reduce your global warming impact.

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Remeka AB

Remeka AB is a Swedish based consulting company focusing on carbon footprint auditing and environmental logistics.

We are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For further information contact us at Remeka AB by email: or give us a call +46 (0)31 971 999.

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Carbon Foresight  provides sustainable business strategy and organizational development services. We specialize in helping businesses measure and manage carbon emissions, mitigate climate change risk, and leverage sustainability related opportunities.  Our mission is to help organizations become low carbon leaders that create profit and value while considering the environment. 

For further details, please contact us at: or 416.948.5873

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Sempre Avanti Consulting [SAC] is a 100% New Zealand owned consultancy based in Wellington and Auckland.  SAC are specialists in Transportation, Climate Change, Sustainability, and Project Management Consulting and Training Services.

For more information on Sempre Avanti Consulting GHG Inventory Consulting please contact Gordon Shaw at +64 21 249 3681 or by e-mail.

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GCL Group brings together key world-class standard expertise in order to add value for their clients and optimize their supply chain processes.

Philippe Gautrin, (514) 733-3000
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Carbon Footprint Offsetters offers Canadian consumers an opportunity to dispell the Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2e) they produce through their consumption of fossil fuel based energy.

Carbon Footprint Offsetters uses CarbonConnect to determine the CO2e footprints of their clients, and then allows for the purchase of offset certificates.

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GreenInnovation offers a unique service to integrate sustainability into an operation’s operation, culture and planning strategies; providing a sustainability framework to facilitate your corporate goals while assisting the environment. GreenInnovation is located in Austrialia and is situated to serve clients in Australasia.

For further details, please contact: Marcel Merkus, 61 (0) 408 586 436,

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Pinchin Environmental can assist clients with implementing the CarbonCounted method to determine a product’s footprint and/or reviewing and verifying the data entered into CarbonConnect.

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